PETZL - GRIGRI 2, Belay Device with Assisted Braking

Brand: PETZL

Color: Turquoise


  • DURABLE MATERIAL: The GRIGRI 2 is made of aluminum side plates, stainless steel cam and friction plate, and a reinforced nylon handle.
  • ROPE COMPATIBILITY: Optimally used on all 9.4 to 10.3 mm dynamic single ropes (possible for 8.9 mm to 11 mm ropes).
  • EASY TO USE: The GRIGRI 2 uses the same hand motions as with classic belay systems: both hands on the rope. A fall is stopped by tightening the hand on the free end of the rope.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: New progressive descent control system the GRIGRI 2 is 20% lighter and 25% smaller.
  • ASSISTED BRAKING: One hand holds the rope and the other uses the handle to unlock the cam. The patented handle design allows a very gradual release of the rope.

Legal Disclaimer: These products are for mountaineering, rock-climbing, aerial performing arts, industrial work and/or rescue use only. Mountaineering, rock climbing, industrial work and rescue are inherently dangerous. Any person involved in these activities must obtain qualified instruction of the proper use of these products prior to using them. Any person using these products is responsible for their own actions/decisions. FAILURE TO FOLLOW WARNINGS CAN CAUSE SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH.

Publisher: Petzl

Details: Designed for experienced climbers, the GRIGRI 2 belay device with assisted braking is designed to facilitate belay maneuvers. Both compact and lightweight, it is used with dynamic single 9.4 to 10.3 mm diameter ropes (possible with 8.9 mm to 11 mm diameters). The assisted braking improves belay comfort when working a route and when arresting a fall.

EAN: 3342540100978

Package Dimensions: 6.1 x 5.0 x 1.5 inches

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