To disrupt the outdoor retail industry by bring organized and convenient group buying to the community. We are creating the most intuitive, comprehensive, and inspiring outdoor adventure gear resource and dropping the sickest price on awesome gear.


Sickbird was created in 2018 to address the outrageous prices off outdoor adventure gear. is a simple platform that combines passion and inspiration for a variety of outdoor activities. It’s a resource for outdoor enthusiasts built by outdoor enthusiasts who know how to find sick deals on adventure gear.


Sickbird is Community. Sickbird Contributors capture the photographs, write content, and provide data for the Sickbird Community. The Membership Community adds real world reviews, and personal images. Throughout, information is carefully curated to present the most reliable and consistently inspiring outdoor resource around. Rounding it all out is the ecosystem of partnerships shared with outdoor brands and the non-profit organizations doing meaningful stewardship work in the growing number of areas we serve. Sickbird grows from the ground up, and the community tells the stories. Like the community, the heart of Sickbird is fearless.


Those who are quickly creating the most engaged community of outdoor enthusiasts anywhere. Fun-loving and thoughtful people who simply love the great outdoors.


Our dedicated community of experienced photographers, videographers, writers and outdoor adventurers who have elected to share their experiences with us.

Sponsors & Partners

Outdoor industry businesses who believe in what Sickbird is and who want to support us, most notably by providing gear, apparel and purchasing discounts.


Our core team members who work tirelessly and on a daily basis to spearhead and deliver the products, services and events that make Sickbird.