Sickbird is what happens when best friends who have been skating and building things together for over 30 years decide to create a business that follows their passions while also giving back to their community.

Sickbird was started to create employment, job training and mentorship opportunities in our community by building quality snow, surf and skateboards.

For the simple joy of the ride. Since our humble beginnings we have always been about sharing the fun of carving down a hill, dropping in on a wave, or shredding down the street on a board with friends. With a pile of wood, a bag of nails and a hammer, we built not only our first skate ramps but a community with a strong bond. From wood to snow and water, we have since traveled the world in search of more stoke and adventure.

At Sickbird, our mission is to find or build the highest quality outdoor gear available at a fair price, while maintaining our goals of building a sustainable, mindful business and providing quality jobs for our community.

At Sickbird we thrive on quality made in the USA products. The core product of the Sickbird brand is to provide a quality boards and accessories. This will always be our main concentration and we will continue to improve our products to keep our customers happy.

When you get down to our personal core, we believe good things come from people spending time outside. It’s about more than shredding. It’s about building relationships with the outdoors and each other.

We stand behind our products and are here to help if you have any questions. We currently carry longboards, skateboards, and mini cruisers and are still in the process of adding new items, so come back and check us out again when you have the chance! In addition, we also carry blank decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, griptape, hardware, and safety equipment.

Who we are – Proudly independent, bootstrapped, and based in Livingston, MT. Sickbird is a product of our passion for stoke, adventure and the great outdoors. Growing up in the mountains we spent our summers on the water and winter on the ski hill. Sickbird was created with the intent to design outdoor adventure gear and apparel representing life on the edge.  At Sickbird, we take pride in our surroundings and the community we live in.

With every sickbird.com purchase, we plant a tree through Trees For The Future. 

Why Trees For The Future.

We picked Trees For The Future because we love wood. We also believe they have found a way to attack multiple problems with one solution: tree planting. Through their tree-planting efforts they are are able to help maintain a healthy ecosystem in multiple regions, reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, and provide for those living in poverty. Because of this Trees For The Future undoubtedly seemed like a great non-profit to support.